Planning A Fairytale Wedding Reception At Home

You’ve imagined the picture-perfect wedding dress your entire life and now is the time to make those dreams come true. Your wedding day should be the beautiful occasion of your dreams, and having your reception at home is one way to make your event intimate and deeply personal. Create a fairytale ending to your perfect day by using these tips for a reception at home.

Either you or a caterer who specializes in offsite events will be responsible for the feast. You can also get some help from your family or friends. Most people love to help on a wrumpet-mermaid wedding petticoats.

Food and seating
Decide what kind of food you will be serving, whether simple finger foods or a full-blown meal. Select foodblack ties that will be good served at room temperature and that can be made in advance, if you are doing the cooking yourself.

Select a convenient place to set up a table for the food so that guests can serve themselves. Choose a spot that is not in a highly trafficked area.

 The wedding reception at home
To arrange the reception at home or at some acquaintance is an excellent idea. All you can do in a reception site just as well at your home.

However, remember to plan “the personnel question” thoroughly. Perhaps your neighbour will gladly help you with setting the table, decorating with flowers, serving, taking care of the dishes, cleaning etc.

What is suitable to serve at a home reception? Perhaps plan a buffet? If you have a wedding theme you can retrieve the inspiration from that. Or you are going to Tuscany in Italy on your honeymoon. A buffet with Italian dishes will of course suit excellent.

Below a check-list if you are planning your reception at home:
Will there be enough room for a dining space, a bar, and a dance floor
What do you need to rent? Coat hangers, chairs, tables, china, napkins, table linens, a dance floor, tent (in case of bad weather)
Who is in charge
Who will serve
Parking lot
Will there be enough of bathrooms
The above said covers the basics involved when planning a wedding reception while using your home as the venue. Hopefully it’ll give you a rough idea regarding how to work around it.

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